The Firewall: San Francisco Fire

Department HQ

Third Year Second Semester


The San Francisco Fire Department is currently spread over 51 different stations across the city. These are rather small and there is a need for a larger building which could  e used as the new Q of the organisation.


On April 18th 1906, the city of san Francisco was shaken by a gigantic earthquake which literally destoryed the city. More than 30 fires broke out across the city and the city burned for more than four days and four nights. With the earthquake damaging the water supply to the city, firefighters were prevented from controlling the fires by the usual means. Yet this did not stop their attempts to save the city and they resorted to using other tools at their disposal.


It is widely known that their efforts were not successful and over 80% of the city was sadly reduced to rubble before the fires were extinguished. After the disaster and over the subsequent years some of the measures taken by firefighters were criticized, but what nobody forgets is that all firefighters remained active over the four days and nights, risking their lives to save their beloved city and the citizens they served.


After 100 years, all American people never forgot the courage of all those men who faced what is classified as the worst natural disaster in US history.


The new centre is to be designed in dedication to the hard work that the firefighters of past, present and future have given to the citizens of the city. The centre should not only be a practicable space designed to respond to the needs of the firefighters bust must become a world renound icon of the city which has risen from the ashes as a reminder of the tragedy. A building not only the people of San Francisco but th entire world associates with the image of the fire department.


The site is pier 30-32 in San Francisco bay.


The building takes its shape and form from the blocks and angles of the streets which make up San Francisco. This is a sentiment to the city buildings and streets those Firemen gave their lives to save.



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