The Writer's Auditorium

Second Year First Semester


The Writer's Auditorium is situated on Lady Stairs Close on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. It is named after the building, the Writer's Museum, which sits on the same close. The auditorium is an outdoor performing arts and music venue which has been created as a space which can interact with the public. The space becomes a visual performance with the two large light/screened boxes that sit above the two stages of the auditorium area.


The building forms are created from intersecting lines which are taken from building lines on the perimeter of the site. These blocks sit at different levels and some have been lowered to create the staging areas and rooms which accommodate the toilets, lobby, seating and working areas of the auditorium. The space between the boxes is a continuation of the small narrow gaps which are prevalent in the closes which form Edinburgh's Old Town and it most famous road, the Royal Mile.


The space intends to become a playful and light space which can evolve during times such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Aspiring stand-up comedians can perform to the public and the light boxes can add visuals to the music which is being played, otherwise they can be used as advertising space for the Writer's Theatre or other acts which will be performing here later in the future.

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